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*If you are facing any issues in installing or need help, please Whatsapp - +91 7588232612

Welcome To CricInvest !
The Platform for Skill-based Investing in the World Of Fantasy Cricket ! Use your knowledge of Cricket and skills to invest in the performance of players in real matches. Form your strategy of selecting the players, and wait for the results. Your value of the investment will change as per the players performance in the real matches.
How To Play ?


Commission As Low As 3 %

Pay brokerage only on Profits. Our brokerages are as low as 3%. For detailed information, view

Markets Open
20 X 7

Our Markets are open for 20 hours a day, 7 days a week

Extensive Coverage

CricInvest tracks and covers all major tournaments and leagues. For detailed information, please view

Earn Dividend / Bonus

We pay out Dividends / Bonus based on stocks owned / users referred

Entirely Skill-Based

Use your skills to select your star portfolio of Player Crics, whose price would change as per as their performance

Buy Fractional Shares

You can buy either shares in whole or in fraction

  • What are the active hours for the Market ?
    You can place orders anytime between 5AM and 11:59PM. Markets are open all 7 days of the week, with the exception of maintenance, which would be informed in advance to users.
  • Is there any constraint on how I should select my Squad / Portfolio ?
    There is no specific constraint on the size and selection of Players. You can selected any number of Players (any number of Batsmen / Bowlers / Wicket keepers) as you wish to.
  • Can I place an Order of a Player when His / Her match is currently going on ?
    No, a user cannot
  • What happens when a Player retires / ruled out of Tournament ?
    In that case, don't worry. We got your back. Place a Sell order whenever you wish to sell the Player Cric, we would take care of it.
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